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COMPAC Shoreline Stalker Pole

Regular price $35.99 CAD
Regular price Sale price $35.99 CAD
  • 13' model has 4 Sections; the 16' model has 5 sections
  • 13' reduces to 42"; the 16' reduces to 45"
  • Constructed from strong fiberglass
  • Light action
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Comfortable vinyl wrapped handle and handy line winder
  • Comes with handy reusable vinyl bag. 

Operating Instructions:  Remove the rubber cap. Carefully tilt the rod to reveal the sections.  Place rod on a flat surface.  Starting from the tip section, carefully pull out until extended.  Continue with remaining sections until stalker pole is completely extended. Do not snap or cast out to extend sections.  This will damage the stalker pole.

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